Since 1995 Promisor Residential has designed innovative real estate solutions to help families transition to the next phase of their lives as seamlessly as possible.

A house is a large financial and emotional investment; we respect both the sentimental and monetary value of the place our clients call home. We ensure that homeowners, and their families, can access the equity they need when they need it.

By combining  real estate expertise with proprietary technology Promisor offers unique and practical solutions during an important time in people’s lives. 

Our History

Promisor Residential has created innovative programs for individuals, families, corporations, and organizations, including the Department of Defense.

Over the years we’ve developed a deep understanding of the real estate industry and the needs of homeowners. Leveraging our unique expertise, we have designed and supported an evolving portfolio of offerings.

In 2001, we recognized that older adults needed help downsizing and moving, so we introduced a suite of senior relocation services. Thousands of families continue to rely on us to reduce the stress of moving later in life.

In 2017, we expanded our programs to benefit the majority of older adults who prefer to “age in place.”  Our Quick Buy Leaseback Program™ expedites access to home equity and allows seniors to remain in their home. Promisor assumes the burden of homeownership including maintenance, major repairs, and tax, while family members enjoy peace of mind. 

Giving Back

In 2017, Promisor helped support the development of the Chicago Furniture Bank, an independent, non-profit organization. Chicago Furniture Bank accepts donations of household goods and furniture for distribution to underprivileged families and shelters.  The organization helps those in need while giving donors an opportunity to serve others.