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Estate and Trust Services Since 1995

Through our estate and trust services, Promisor Residential manages the valuation and disposition of residential real estate and personal property. With qualified, insured, and licensed teams throughout the country, Promisor Residential is a single-source for asset management, valuation, brokerage, market analysis, market strategy, maintenance, and repairs. In addition to real estate, our staff has managed tangible personal property inventories, valuations and disposition since 2007.

Trust companies rely on Promisor to expertly expedite the settlement process and to supplement team performance for the benefit their corporate clients.

Individual representatives, executors, and trustees receive immediate access to expert resources. Families benefit from an impartial and invaluable resource while saving and travel expenses.

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Managing an estate can be complex and overwhelming

“I‘m the executor for my parents’ estate. I understand my responsibility but the process is more complicated than I expected. I want to do everything right and preserve what my parents’ left behind for me and my siblings, but I really need some help.”

Acting as fiduciary in the administration of an estate is a critical role. Even simple estates may take months to settle and details are easy to overlook and can create big problems. Oversights may put the estate in peril, create disputes or develop into legal issues.