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Live Where You Love

Quick Buy Leaseback Program™

Have the financial freedom to age at home…through our Quick Buy Leaseback Program™, Promisor will buy your qualified home, lease it back to you, and manage your property.

Live where you love — without a reverse mortgage
• You stay in your home
• Your repairs and maintenance are managed
• You no longer worry about taxes or homeowners insurance
• You exit the home when timing is right for you
• You and your family gain peace of mind

Paying for home care is challenging for many

“Mom’s only wish is to continue living in her own home of 32 years. She receives help from reliable caregivers but she struggles to pay for the care she needs, as well as her taxes and other home repairs. We have looked into reverse mortgages but have not found a debt-free solution that meets all of her needs.”

According to AARP, over 85% of seniors prefer to age in place, but affordability is often an issue. Over 40% of older adults did not plan ahead for their long-term care and the cost of in-home care continues to rise year after year.