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In order to keep a record of your maintenance requests and to respond to them promptly, please complete the form completely. Regular maintenance issues shall be completed during regular business hours. Please be advised: Loss to your personal property is only covered by your renter’s insurance policy. Please call 1-888-259-2987 for urgent requests in the evening or during the week. In Case Of Emergency, call 911 immediately. Tenant Responsibilities: Tenants may not call a repairman on their own. If you do, you will be solely responsible for the bill. You will not be reimbursed for this cost. Damages to any component at the property - caused by abuse or misuse will be charged to the tenant. Please Note: Receipt of this notice does not obligate the Landlord to perform a repair which is not required under current laws governing Landlord – Tenant responsibilities. Further, by entering your name and pressing send on this form, you authorize the proper parties to begin processing any and all maintenance requests.